River Lune (upper)

Some misguided people wrongly consider the Lune to be a Lancashire river. In reality the middle and lower reaches only exist to facilitate the swift passage of migratory fish into Cumbria and from Kirkby Lonsdale upstream the Lune is entirely native. The river offers some excellent fishing for brown trout, sea trout and salmon.

As is often the case with salmon rivers the fishing for brown trout is under rated and the upper reaches in particular can provide sport of the highest calibre. Trout are numerous and many of them will be good sized fish. As the season warms they become increasingly free rising and sport to the dry fly can be marvellous. Trout anglers will often find the river to themselves and can enjoy mile after mile of absorbing fishing in beautiful surroundings.

Given the water, sea trout can push through quite quickly on the Lune and it's not unusual to find scouts arriving at Tebay in early July with the main body of the fish turning up through August.. Salmon runs are getting later and apart from a few grilse the vast bulk of fish will arrive in late August and on through September and October.

Between Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh there are few opportunities for visitors to wet a line with most sections of the river from Kirkby Lonsdale upstream strictly reserved. Kirkby Lonsdale Angling Association does have some good water around the village but day or season permits are not available.

It is not until the angler reaches Sedbergh that things finally begin to loosen up somewhat. Sedbergh Angling Association has some nice water starting below KillingtonĀ  Bridge and going through above Lincoln's Inn Bridge on the A684 with day permits available locally.

The next accessible water is that of Tebay Angling Association who control some fourteen miles of fishing in the upper reaches including sections of the Borrow Beck and Birk Beck tributaries. This is lovely water, crystal clear and full of character with everything from rocky gorges to freestone pocket water and long silky pools. Their sectionĀ  downstream of Yorkshire Bridge can provide excellent trout fishing during the summer months when river levels are lower.

Weekly permits are availble for Tebay's water which together with Sedbergh's water downstream make this area a very good proposition for a game fishing holiday.

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Sedbergh Angling Association. Day permits for their water on the Lune and nearby Rawthey, Dee and Clough are available from either 'Three Peaks' or the Tourist Information Centre in Sedbergh.

Weekly permits for Tebay Anglers' water are available by contacting Graham Cave on 015396 24321

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