Rivers Trusts in Cumbria

Rivers Trusts have been described as having “wet feet” because they have the reputation of being “doers”, concentrating much of their effort on practical catchment, river and fishery improvement works on the ground. In the history of almost every trust there has been a key trigger leading to their formation.For the Eden Rivers Trust the spark was ignited by a major pollution incident in 1996 while for the Lune, South Cumbria and West Cumbria Trusts the driving force has been a decline in migratory fish stocks.

Although their roots are in angling and fisheries their approach is holistic and works on the premise that whatever improves the habitat of the catchment inevitably feeds down to the rivers. Their activities can be grouped into three main areas.

  • Research; such as electro-fishing and habitat surveys which give an indication of the health of a catchment and help to plan and prioritise conservation work.

  • Practical conservation work including habitat restoration, the introduction of fish passes, stocking and advice on land management.

  • Education; educating people, particularly the young,not only about the importance of the river catchments but also how to protect and care for them in the future.

The Trusts welcome all the help they can get whether that means hands on involvement with practical projects, surveying of invertebrate populations, support at events or simply a donation towards their funds.

Eden Rivers Trust

West Cumbria Rivers Trust

South Cumbria Rivers Trust

Lune Rivers Trust


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