WADAA Trout Stocking

WADAA's premier day permit trout fisheries (Ghyll Head, High Newton and Bigland) are stocked fortnightly from late February through to mid June and again from early September through to mid October. Standard stocked fish range from 1.75 - 2.25 lbs and average out at just under 2lbs. Four or five additional stockings of larger fish between 3 - 6lbs go into each fishery - 150 fish. Stocking density will be around 80 -100 fish to the acre throughout most of the season.As might be expected fishing is easy for a day or two after stocking but with catch and release the fish wise up quite quickly. For most of the time anglers fishing imitative methods will invariably meet with greater success than those pulling lures.

The fisheries are not stocked during July and August. There wil be no shortage of fish but sport is always difficult over the summer months when water temperatures are high. During very warm weather activity may often be confined to just a couple of hours around dusk and dawn. A high proportion of the fish stock will also be educated fish and not easily deceived.

July and August visitors should aim to be on the fisheries as early as possible (except Bigland which only opens at 8.00am). Visitors can also split their day and are welcome to return for an evening session on the same permit.  The main thing to avoid is turning up at 11.00am and fishing through until 4.00pm.

Come mid September and with cooling water and fresh stock everything goes back to normal. Visitors can now expect much more consistent sport throughout the day. in fact some of the best fishing of the year is to be found from mid September through to late October - although the waters often fish well right through into December barring any severe cold weather.

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