Bigland Trout Fishery

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2/9/18 - As you might expect with the cooler weather and rain we have had recently; the fishing is now back on top form. There have been some good numbers caught at Bigland. However, it is not a walk over! most of the fish are feeding hard on shrimps, so small brown flies, mainly hears ears will catch the majority of fish. Most fish will also be found cruising not far from the bank so you don’t always need to cast to the horizon.

Ghyll Head


2/9/18 – The jewel in the crown at the moment. The fish are well spread out, in fact most of them are hunting in the shallow water around the lily pads. Fishing small, slim nymphs in the shallows is providing fantastic sport. Sunken daddies are also producing fish. Best results will come from being mobile and moving sport every 15 mins or so.

High Newton


2/9/18 – Absolutely stuffed with fish at the moment. Fishing bushy flies just under the surface on windy days will always produce fish. Like Ghyll Head, slim nymphs and sunken daddies should always produce fish at this time of year. The beetle and buzzer hatches are minimal at this time of year, so focus more on the shrimps and hoglice and the fish won’t be far away.

High Fairbanks Tarn

high fairbanks2/9/18 - No recent reports. If any one has any information, please pass it on.


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