River Ellen

Most of the game rivers in Cumbria are short , steep and fast - but not the Ellen. This small river flows through more undulating country on the southern edge of the Solway Plain with all the character of a lowland stream rather than a tumbling mountain torrent. The river has its beginnings on the high ground at the back of Skiddaw but soon settles down to take a meandering course through Blennerhasset, Aspatria and Dearham before finally entering the sea at Maryport harbour.

Fish stocks in this gentle stream are deceptive and the Ellen, on the right day, is a greatly underestimated river. It produces brown trout, sea trout and salmon. The sea trout in particular can be sizeable with fish to nearly ten pounds recorded. Salmon too are bigger than might be expected while good quality trout are regularly caught.

The best of the fishing for migratory fish is from July onwards with salmon most likely from late August.

Much of the fishing on the Ellen is in the hands of local clubs, all of whom welcome visitors, and between them offer some of the best value game fishing in the county.

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River Ellen Angling Association has several miles above Maryport. Day permits are available although membership is just £30.00 a year. Contact Dale Renac on 01900 813595.

Dearham Angling Association has approximately two miles of fishing on the Ellen. This is in two stretches, the first upstream of Dearham Bridge and a shorter section around Oughterside Mill. Contact Stephen Mitchell on 07774 248865 for more information.

Aspatria Angling Club has water around Aspatria. Day permits are available from the filling station in Market Square, Aspatria.

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