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Rivers Trusts in Cumbria

Rivers Trusts have been described as having “wet feet” because they have the reputation of being “doers”, concentrating much of their effort on practical catchment, river and fishery improvement works on the ground. In the history of almost every trust there has been a key trigger leading to their formation.For the Eden Rivers Trust the spark was ignited by a major pollution incident in 1996 while for the Lune, South Cumbria and West Cumbria Trusts the driving force has been a decline in migratory fish stocks.

Alien Invaders

newcfinns 228x300Cumbria’s unique rivers and lakes are under serious threat from an increasing number of invasive alien species. Aquatic plants, non native fish and other unwelcome visitors have already wrought ecological mayhem in other parts of the country by destroying habitat and pushing out our own native wildlife. Many are already heading our way but anglers can play a big part in helping to prevent new introductions or the spread of those already established in the region.

The Cumbria Freshwater Invasive Non-Native Species Initiative aims to coordinate action thoughout Cumbria by providing information on freshwater invasive non-native species, relevant policies, work being carried in the county, how you can get involved and much more.

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